ZTE was the first company to offer a Daydream-ready smartphone with the Axon 7, even though Google’s new virtual reality platform won’t actually launch until later this year. Now it turns out Huawei could be close behind with a Daydream handset coming later this fall.

Huawei CEO Richard Yu broke the news during a Hong Kong conference hosted by The Wall Street Journal, revealing that he’s working with Google to develop the device. The report doesn’t mention Daydream by name but promises a “new VR-compatible smartphone” from the Chinese company. With Google quickly moving beyond Cardboard, it’s safe to say this device will support the upcoming virtual reality software.

Google Daydream promises an immersive experience beyond anything currently offered by Cardboard. It looks pretty similar to Samsung’s Gear VR but adds a motion-sensing controller for more interactive gaming. Based on a brief video we saw at Google I/O last month, it looks pretty awesome, but we haven’t had a chance to actually try the new technology for ourselves.

Beyond Huawei and ZTE, Google’s also working with Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Asus and Alcatel. So, once Daydream does arrive, there should be a wave of new Android phones to choose from no matter which brand you prefer.