The Huawei Watch might end up being the dark horse of the foreseeable smartwatch race—at least in terms of design. After seeing a glimpse of the device at a Barcelona airport, videos have popped up on Huawei’s own YouTube channel, showcasing what the upcoming wearable is capable of.

Much like the Moto 360, the Huawei Watch sports a rounded (42mm) face, a conscious decision made on Huawei’s part to keep the look and feel of a classic timepiece. It looks really nice, if a little big, though it’s a bit smaller than the Moto 360. However, it manages to look even more elegant than Motorola’s option, sporting a sapphire glass face, a crown, and a number of metal and leather band options (for both men and women).

According to Huawei, the smartwatch offers typical Android Wear functionality, though it also puts emphasis on activity tracking, with the inclusion of a heart rate sensor for fitness buffs. You can get a clearer idea of how Huawei designed the device in the video above. It certainly looks nice, and that’s a good start. Sadly, we don’t know some of the finer details, such as price and battery life.

Companies have started taking a more fashion-forward approach to smartwatches over the past several weeks, something Apple has championed since the Apple Watch was unveiled last year. The Huawei Watch looks to be among the prettiest wearables out there. We should learn more when the device is officially unveiled at MWC.