Android Wear is a bewildering beast. Because Google doesn't allow OEMs to customize the OS, the only way for companies to stand out is on design and reputation. A year ago Motorola cornered the market as far as looks were concerned. But over the past few months, the wearable market has been awash with circular wearables, the most beautiful of which just might be the Huawei Watch, a luxurious timepiece with a price to match.

There's nothing complicated or surprising about the Huawei Watch. In terms of experience, it's more or less what you'd get from the many Android Wear devices on the market. It simply comes down to your preference of design. With a gorgeous round watch face, the Huawei Watch has an aesthetic that's classic and premium. And there's no "flat tire" at the bottom of the screen, though it is a little chunkier than the most recent Moto 360.

On the back of the device rest pins for charging through a propriety magnetic cradle, along with a heart-rate monitor for making sure you're not slacking off on your run. The screen, meanwhile, is a 1.4-inch full circle AMOLED display with a 400×400 resolution, which looks great outdoors; it's easily readable, and that's not something we could have said for a lot of the early smartwatches. Additional specs include a 300mAh battery, 512MB of RAMand a Snapdragon 400 chip.

Chances are you're already pretty familiar with how Android Wear works, but if not, you can check out our hands on of Android 1.3, which is the most recent update. Oh, and you can use this thing with your iPhone, too, though you won't quite get the full experience thanks to the closed nature of iOS.

With a starting price of $350, the Huawei Watch is one of the more expensive Android Wear devices on the market, and depending on the version you get, you can spend up to $800 on what will functionally be similar to something like the ZenWatch 2, which is only $130. It really comes down to which watch you think looks best. If we're judging on design alone, the Huawei Watch is certainly one of the prettier on the market. Then again, it has devices like the Gear S2 and Moto 360 to go up against.

Check out the video above to hear more thoughts about the Huawei Watch, including what the experience was like during day-to-day use.