The Huawei Watch, which we just received in the office on Wednesday, is now available for purchase from several retailers. If you’re interested in the premium Android Wear smartwatch, you can now find it direct from Huawei, Best Buy or Amazon. You can even get it tomorrow if you order it quick enough and are a member of Amazon Prime.

Amazon is going to be your best option for buying the watch. Best Buy is accepting preorders with deliveries starting as soon as Thursday, September 24. It’s selling the entry-level $349.99 model, the stainless steel version for $399.99, a steel mesh model for the same price, and a black stainless steel model for $449.99. Every model, including the most expensive rose gold version, is available direct from Huawei, though the site says units aren’t expected to ship until October.

But, as we said, if you go through Amazon, you can get the entry-level leather option, the stainless steel or the black stainless steel in your hands as soon as tomorrow. Hit the source links to grab yours now.