Huawei surprised us all when it announced its stunning new smartwatch at Mobile World Congress last week, and it seems the wearable’s price tag could be just as jaw-dropping. According to a listing on, it’s going to cost you €999 (approx. $1,080).

While Huawei didn’t provide us with any details on pricing or availability when it unveiled the Huawei Watch last week, the rumors that followed its announcement warned that it would be expensive. And now its first retail listing confirms that to be the case.

We wouldn’t normally read too much into Amazon listings, but this one is from Huawei itself. It could just be a placeholder that needs updating, but right now, the price tag for all three color options — black, silver, and gold — is €999 with Prime shipping.

Strangely, the listing can only be found on at the time of writing this post, which could suggest it was published prematurely. It doesn’t provide a release date, either; it simply states “this item is not yet available.”

Hopefully, we’ll hear more from Huawei regarding its first Android Wear watch very soon. Maybe the price tag will change in the meantime; I can’t see Huawei selling too many of these if it costs as much as a flagship phone — no matter how pretty it is.