Huawei Android emotion UINothing differentiates an Android phone from another more than a good ole UI skin, i.e. TouchWiz and Sense. Some folks prefer vanilla, such as what you'd get with a Galaxy Nexus, or you could go with the new guy, Emotion UI. Intriguing, right?

Huawei is adding itself to the list of companies that dresses up Android in its own unique way, looking to up its profile in an industry dominated by Samsung and HTC. Maybe the Galaxy S III isn't really built for humans; not when it doesn't have Emotion UI. There isn't much to go on at the moment, but Huawei wants to tell us all about its new project on June 9.

On the road to building a more heightened brand recognition, Huawei apparently wants to keep Android "smart" and "simple," which hopefully means users will get as close to vanilla Android as possible. The new UI is slated to ship with the Ascend D and Ascend P sometime this summer.

[via PocketNow]