Huawei might be making another attempt to succeed in the United States despite pushback from lawmakers.

As the U.S. government expresses concerns over national security, the Chinese company decided that it’ll expand operations in the market. Multiple U.S.-based job listings have revealed that Huawei’s on a hiring spree. In fact, there are more than 200 spots available with the Chinese company. So it’s a legitimate effort to grow and become recognized.

Most of them are full-time positions, but there are contract and part-time positions open as well. Huawei’s seeking everything from software engineers to administrative assistants to sales account managers.

In recent months, Huawei and the U.S. government have been at odds. The U.S. government thinks large organizations out of China are spying on their own government’s behalf. Huawei has denied those accusations, but domestic companies have been instructed to avoid or drop partnerships if possible.

The showdown made the Mate 10, a high-end phone, almost impossible to purchase in the U.S. because Verizon and AT&T backed out of agreements to sell it. Another contentious matter is the trade dispute between the U.S. and China, with both sides imposing high tariffs on each other.

With around 1,200 employees already in the U.S., it’s not like Huawei plans on barging in. But its operations in the U.S. haven’t been as consumer-focused. The expansion could change that, though.

Maybe we’ll see a big-budget advertising campaign that aims to regain public trust, and then Huawei would be able to continue on a path to ship the most smartphones in the world.