Huawei myTouch T-MobileIt seems two additional members are headed to the popular myTouch lineup for T-Mobile, only this time the project is being spearheaded by the folks at Huawei. PocketNow has acquired what is claimed to be shots of the new Gingerbread-equipped devices – U8680 and U8730 – with a rumored availability sometime in late spring.

Right now details are sparse, but the devices are expected to arrive with screen resolutions of 800 x 480 and very consumer friendly price points. Pronounced "Wah-way," the handset maker has quickly become somewhat of a darling company for carriers looking to offer more affordable devices. That doesn't mean the company doesn't have more premium handsets planned for the future, though.

PocketNow said both the China-based handset maker and T-Mobile have a very good relationship, so it seems all the more likely that Huawei would be the frontrunner for the myTouch project. We already know one Huawei device is headed to Magenta – perhaps the U8680 and U8730 will make it three's company.

[via Pocket Now]