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We're starting to lose track of all the different Android Wear devices announced since Google first unveiled the new operating system back in June, but now you can add another smartwatch to the list. Speaking to Engadget, Huawei revealed its plans to launch an Android Wear smartwatch sometime next year, though the company wouldn't offer many details on the upcoming wearable device.

Huawei says the upcoming smartwatch will be "innovate and beautiful," but wouldn't say whether the device would sport a square or circular display. Company CEO Richard Yu also took a shot at the Gear S, claiming his mysterious device would look nicer than Samsung's curved AMOLED device.

All we have to go on right now is Huawei's TalkBand B1, which launched earlier this year with a flexible OLED display. Looking at the company's latest smartphone's may offer a better sense of what to expect from its first smartwatch. Especially the new Ascend Mate7, which features a massive 6-inch screen and a sleek metal design we'd love to see translated to a smaller wearable device.

Either way, 2015 is still months away, and that's if Huawei plans to unleash the new smartwatch early next year. Until then there's still the iWatch to watch out for next week at Apple's big event, and plenty of time to play around with the latest crop of Android Wear devices from Samsung, LG and Motorola.