A year ago you would have been hard pressed to find much news on smartwatches and wearables, though over the last 12 months nearly every major tech company has discussed the topic in some regard. Huawei is yet another company that doesn't want to sit on the sidelines as the industry takes off, and a new report on Monday suggests it's about to dip its toes into the wearable space very soon.

The Wall Street Journal said it has learned that Huawei will come packing a lot of heat during Mobile World Congress later this month. The Chinese smartphone maker will reportedly launch a new smartwatch, in addition to two new tablets and a new smartphone, during the show. The news outlet did not provide any details on the smartwatch other than noting that it will be announced.

However, Huawei is a well known smartphone maker in China and owns a large share of the Android market in its home country, that suggests that the device will likely work with the company's Android-powered smartphones and, possibly, tablets. Huawei's focus is typically on low-cost devices – though it does launch flagship smartphones as well – and we expect its smartwatch will follow suit with a low-cost price point.

The company will face a lot of competition in the space, which has already heated up significantly. Samsung is expected to announce the successor to its Galaxy Gear during Mobile World Congress, Pebble recently launched its second generation Pebble Steel smartwatch, and Apple is also expected to enter the space sometime in 2014 with its health-focused iWatch. Huawei's success may come in its home market, where consumers are more familiar with the brand name than they are in the United States, and where it already has retail partnerships where competitors might not.

The Wall Street Journal didn't provide any details on Huawei's new tablets, but did say the company will not be introducing a new flagship smartphone. Instead, the device will likely be an iterative version of an existing handset. A flagship is planned, the WSJ said, though Huawei will introduce it later this year at one of its own events.

TechnoBuffalo will be attending Mobile World Congress later this month and we'll be sure to seek out Huawei's new smartwatch if it does indeed make a debut.