Huawei is gearing up to unveil its P30 series at an event in Paris at the end of next month, where the company is planning to “rewrite the rules” of what a smartphone can do. Judging by this teaser from Huawei’s Twitter account, a big focus will be on camera technology.

Thanks to an image shared by Huawei CEO Richard YU, we might already know what the company’s P30 Pro camera can do.

The image, which was shared on Yu’s Weibo account, shows off a close-up shot of the moon, revealing just how powerful the P30’s rumored quad-camera system will be. Typically, you’d need a high-end zoom lens or a telescope to capture the moon in such detail.

While Yu doesn’t explicitly state the image he shared was shot using the P30 Pro, the watermark at the bottom reveals all we need to know. Yu attempted to obfuscate the watermark, but it’s pretty easy to see that it says, “Huawei P30 Pro. Leica Quad Camera.”

Last year’s P20 Pro offered arguably the best camera experience of any smartphone, and if the example above is any indication of what the P30 Pro can do, Huawei’s new device will be tough to beat.

We’ll learn more about the P30 Pro at Huawei’s event on March 26.