While Huawei stole the show at MWC last week with its foldable flagship, the Mate X, the company was also having select meetings about its next upcoming flagship. The Mate X won't be launched until July, and before then, we have the launch of the P30 Pro in Paris on March 26.

At an intimate closed-doors meeting in Barcelona, Huawei's VP of Global Product Market, Clement Wong, confirmed one of the biggest rumors: the top-end P30 Pro will feature a periscope-style zoom camera with "super-zoom" capabilities.

What does this mean exactly? While we don't know the exact zoom level, it's widely rumored to be 10X zoom which should allow us to get closer than ever before. Wong drew our attention to a picture shared by Huawei CEO Richard Yu recently.

Shared on Chinese social network Weibo, the image clearly shows the moon (craters and all), in more detail than we've seen from a smartphone before. Wong says the image was captured on the P30 Pro itself, handheld, with no help from any additional accessories like a tripod.

Wong suggested that the camera will feature "something nobody has done before", suggesting the periscope camera may include a powered, mechanical zoom lens, which is in stark contrast to the fixed lenses found inside the Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro.

Wong also suggested that the four cameras of the P30 Pro will "rewrite the rules of photography", highlighting night time photography on the P30 Pro as a major upgrade for this year. Without getting into specifics, Wong explained that the P30's custom night mode solution would go beyond using a software only solution, unlike its rivals. Considering that the Google Pixel 3 has arguably the best night mode, and the P20 Pro ushered in the new night mode era, we're excited to see what this means.

A combination of excellent night time photography, impressive zoom and subtle tweaks to the overall experience could make the P30 Pro one of the devices of the year. We'll find out in just a few weeks at its launch series in Paris on March 26, and TechnoBuffalo will be there to bring you all the latest as it happens.