Huawei won't officially reveal the P30 Pro until the end of next month, but the company doesn't seem too concerned about sharing info early.

At Mobile World Congress this week, Huawei let journalists get hands-on time with the P30 Pro—an entire month before it makes its debut. The caveat? The device shown off was a non-operational prototype, so what you see isn't 100% final.

That being said, Digital Trends was told that what they saw was "almost completely final" in terms of design. The P30 Pro appears to feature a sleek all-glass design and a triple-camera setup. And that's where things get a little tricky, as Digital Trends notes:

How does this correspond to the leaks? Cases said to be for the regular P30 (non-Pro model) match the design we saw here, which we were told is the P30 Pro. Other case leaks show another device with a four-camera lens, and a second sensor array next to the bump. We don't know its identity, but for now we do not think it's the P30 Pro, or the P30. We can speculate that it's a 5G version of the P30 Pro, perhaps with a new name, with the highest possible specification available.

Rumors surrounding the P30 Pro have claimed the device will actually feature four cameras with incredible zoom capabilities. Oppo recently introduced a flagship with its own zoom superpowers, so that could become a theme throughout 2019.

Although Huawei allowed Digital Trends to get its hands on the P30 Pro, the publication wasn't allowed to photograph the front of the device, and no specifics regarding specs were revealed. Those details will have to wait until Huawei unveils its new P30 series on March 26.