Less than two weeks from today, Huawei will announce a trio of phones. It'll be the P20, P20 Pro, and P20 Lite making up the Chinese company's latest group of mobile devices in 2018. While there will be significant differences in specifications, the phones will share similar designs. But the designs aren't actually unique to Huawei.

The P20 family should resemble Apple's iPhone X, which is expected to cause quite a stir.

The P20 and P20 Pro are going to live in the high-end segment, but Huawei's P20 Lite should be watered-down a bit to lower the price tag. Still, though, it'll have key features that Apple popularized in late 2017. Like the iPhone X, the P20 Lite will ship with a notch at the top of its display and a dual-camera setup on the back.

Mobile industry insider Evan Blass shared a promotional image of the P20 Lite earlier, confirming what's been expected for several weeks. The P20 Lite and its siblings are shamelessly borrowing from the most advanced iPhone ever.

Fortunately, there are a couple things Huawei will do to not come across as a total copycat. The P20 Lite's edge-to-edge display manages to fit Huawei's logo at the bottom. Around the back, there's a fingerprint scanner, which the iPhone X doesn't have at all. Huawei's branding is on the backside as well.

Huawei will announce the entire P20 family on March 27 in Paris, and we'll be providing coverage the moment everything goes official.