Huawei will utilize the notch again, but that’s about all the Mate 20 Lite borrows from Apple’s iPhone X.

The Mate 20 Lite, which was leaked on Tuesday by insider Evan Blass, follows recent trends in the mobile industry. It has an edge-to-edge display with a notch at the top that stores cameras and sensors. But, fortunately, there isn’t an iPhone X-looking dual-camera setup around the back. Huawei stacked the lenses vertically but not in the same enclosure.

It also has a fingerprint scanner below the dual-camera setup. Apple, meanwhile, didn’t put one on its last flagship. The Cupertino-based company is more interested in facial recognition.

To no surprise, the Mate 20 Lite will be offered in black, gold, and blue. Huawei doesn’t depart from these colors too often.

In the fall, Huawei will introduce a new flagship. But it’ll be joined by this mid-range sibling. Over the years, we’ve seen the Chinese company release multiple models from the same family in an effort to serve various segments of the market. The strategy’s worked, and Huawei recently surpassed Apple in global smartphone shipments.

The P20 and P20 Pro, by the way, were Huawei’s first attempt at implementing the notch. Both also mimicked Apple’s heavy-duty iPhone from behind.

Huawei’s Mate 20 family is expected to be announced in mid-October.