Huawei confirmed it’ll announce a new flagship series on Tuesday, October 16. During the launch event, the Chinese company also plans to unveil its latest high-end chip. So expect Huawei to be very busy this fall.

The Mate 20 series should include three phones. While all of them could look similar to a degree, their specifications will differ depending on the model. Huawei wants to offer the Mate 20 as its primary flagship, but there will also be the Mate 20 Pro for consumers who want a no-spec-left-behind type of experience. It’s rounded out by the Mate 20 Lite, which will be a mid-range alternative.

As for the new chip, Huawei will introduce its Kirin 980. It should be faster than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 while not consuming as much power.

The development started three years ago when Huawei enlisted the help of more than 1,000 semiconductor experts. Before landing on its current design, the Kirin 980 saw thousands of prototypes built.

Huawei’s Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro are expected to feature the Kirin 980. The Mate 20 Lite, meanwhile, will go with a less fancy chip.

With more than a month until everything goes official, there’s still plenty of time on the clock for leaks. Don’t be surprised if we get more early information on the upcoming trio soon. Huawei can try its best, but the leaks almost always win this battle.