The Mate 10 Pro will soon launch as Huawei’s latest flagship. A bunch of stuff is already known about the phone, but now we’re getting a new piece of information from Evan Blass. Huawei might be introducing a pen/stylus alongside the Mate 10 Pro. It won’t, however, be an accessory stored within the Mate 10 Pro’s body.

Here’s the leaked promotional image:

It may not be just a pen but also a stylus that launches with the new phone. The image shows the Mate 10 Pro next to a pen that can, upon drawing and writing on a notepad, send signals. The direction of the signals are toward the Mate 10 Pro, so it’s likely everything jotted down on the notepad syncs with a dedicated app. A number of accessories have been released in recent years capable of creating digital copies of physical pages.

Huawei might not be introducing anything new, though. Multiple people on Twitter have commented that it looks just like Moleskine’s Pen+, which normally sells for $199. Huawei could have a partnership with Moleskine that includes the Pen+ with the Mate 10 Pro, but it’s more likely they’ll just come together for unique integration on EMUI 6.

The Mate 10 Pro, Mate 10, and Mate 10 Lite are scheduled to be announced on Monday, October 16. We’ll have full coverage on all three devices as soon as they’re official.