Huawei announced just over a month ago that the company would be releasing its own Android user interface and application suite to rival the likes of Samsung TouchWiz and HTC Sense. And today, the company has released its Emotion UI to customers in its homeland of China.

Huawei has also added a new page to its website that details all of the features the Emotion UI delivers. According to The Next Web, the company has taken cues not only from Samsung and HTC, but also from Apple, with a number of customization features like widgets, folders, and shortcuts.

In addition to these things, the Emotion UI brings a new voice assistant, predefined profiles, customizable fonts, a dedicated messaging application (like ChatON or iMessage), and access to Huawei's cloud services. That's a significant number of new features and improvements in just one update.

The Emotion UI will be available to the Huawei Ascend P1, Ascend P1E and Honor smartphones. It is also expected to come pre-loaded on upcoming devices like the Ascend D Quad. It's currently only available to Huawei customers in China, but with the Ascend D Quad on its way to the U.S. and Europe at some point this year, you can expect the Emotion UI to be tagging along.

[via The Next Web]