China-based phone maker Huawei is said to be focusing some of its research and development efforts on new motion sensing technology for smartphones and tablets. In a recent interview with Computerworld John Roese, the company’s general manager for its North American research and develop center, said that the company is “focused on disruptive technology and taking interesting ideas and turning them into something exciting.” Throughout its research, Huawei has accumulated a massive 15 petabytes of experimental physics data.

In addition to working on new gesture control technologies, Huawei has also placed a focus on inexpensive cloud storage solutions by partnering with CERN. Focused on changing the way people use cloud storage, Roese discuseed the possibilities of a company offering unlimited backup storage, only charging a person when a restore was needed. Seeing this project as a potential moneymaker, Roese said “of all the projects, and there are lots of good projects, that is the one that could have a profound impact on the market.” As gesture control technology and cloud storage options become all the rage, the question is, will Huawei manage to be a trendsetter or will they be just another horse in the great mobile tech race?

[via: Computerworld]