Richard Yu Huawei

Huawei shipped 20 million smartphones in 2011 and it hopes to triple that figure by selling 60 million smartphones this year, the company’s device chairman Richard Yu said in a recent interview with Mobile World Live. The growth seems possible: Huawei sold just 5 million devices in 2010. Yu also noted that, within the next 10 years,  Huawei expects to become a $100 billion-a-year company.

“In [the] future, in the handset industry, only three to four vendors can survive,” Huawei Devices Chairman Richard Yu said. “We hope we will be one of the survivors. The whole industry is consolidating.” We’re not so sure we agree with the “three to four vendors” surviving bit, however. Apple, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, RIM, LG and Sony are global smartphone brands — and ZTE and Huawei both fall within the top 5 smartphone vendors in China. We can’t see any of those firms leaving the market any time soon. Still, Yu argues that 95% of all handset profits wind up in the pockets of Apple and Samsung.

[via AllThingsD]