Huawei Watch-13

Huawei already makes some pretty beautiful hardware, but the company’s software may still need some work. Thankfully the Chinese giant has found a solution in the form of Apple veteran Abigail Sarah Brody.

Brody worked at Apple for nine years ending in January 2011. At Cupertino she served as Creative Director and Hiring Manager, developing software for the original iPhone along with OS X, cloud software and other apps. She also had a hand in branding, and helped design Apple’s packaging for various iOS devices.

After leaving Apple, Brody spend a almost two years at eBay as vice president of global design, where she helped redesign PayPal’s user experience and mobile app. Most recently she spent three months at San Francisco startup Flux before taking a job at Huawei.

In her new position, Brody will lead a team of 80 software designers to develop software for Huawei devices. The company runs 16 research and development facilities around the world, and plans to open a new office in San Francisco focused on User Experience. We’re excited to see how Huawei’s software will improve with Brody’s help, especially as the company continues to expand its reach into the U.S.