Huawei is taking aim at Samsung. The Chinese smartphone maker has been making noise recently with its push into the U.S. market and introduction of the P20 Pro—which boasts an impressive triple-camera system. Now it is shifting its focus towards something much bigger: Beating Samsung in producing the first ever foldable smartphone.

According to ETNews, Huawei has signed non-disclosure agreements with multiple manufacturers responsible for components for an alleged foldable device. Huawei is preemptively trying to release it before Samsung releases its version. Samsung has been working on developing foldable smartphone for years now and will reportedly call it the ‘Galaxy X.’

A release timetable for the Galaxy X has been expected for 2019, but the most recent report states Samsung is aiming for a December 2018 launch. Huawei is responding in kind with a November 2018 release date for its foldable smartphone.

Beyond the news of an upcoming foldable smartphone from Huawei, not much else was revealed. It’s not clear who Huawei will source the foldable OLED displays from. Normally, it works with Samsung for OLED displays, but given Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone of its own, it may opt to keep the displays for its own use. The other option is LG, but it won’t have its foldable OLED panels ready until 2019.