Two employees responsible for Huawei’s official Twitter account have reportedly been demoted after the account tweeted from an iPhone. Their pay was also reportedly cut as part of the punishment.

According to Bloomberg, Huawei corporate senior vice president Chen Lifang argued that the incident has “caused damage to the Huawei brand.” While it’s unclear if the snafu will have a lasting effect, a number of notable sites wrote about the since-deleted tweet, including 9to5Mac.

The incident is viewed with such severity internally at Huawei that an employee’s monthly pay was reduced by 5,000 yuan ($730), which is not an insignificant sum.

Apparently, the outside agency hired by Huawei to send the tweet ran into issues with their VPN, preventing them from accessing Twitter on a PC (Twitter is banned in China). As a backup, they used an iPhone that was equipped with a foreign SIM.

According to Huawei’s memo, the company plans to “tighten management of suppliers and partners” in order to avoid a similar incident in the future.