Huawei Ascend D Quad

When Huawei first revealed its Ascend D Quad at Mobile World Congress, it was billed as the "world's fastest smartphone." However, the smartphone market has seen a vast flood of hardware improvements and the Chinese phone maker's flagship phone's hardware has become somewhat standard. While the increase in competitive hardware may not deter potential buyers, the lack of a release timeline could drive away even the most loyal of prospects.

If you've been waiting and wondering when you can get your hands on this quad-core handset, the going word is that it will hit China by the end of August and Western Europe sometime in October. We know this isn't exactly music to your ears, but this latest update should definitely help you plot your next move when considering your next smartphone. However, the question is, will it be the Ascend D Quad, or one of the many other attractive options already available to purchase? Might we point you to the Galaxy S III or HTC One X?

[via: The Inquirer]