HTC revealed its fourth quarter 2012 earnings on Friday and noted that both its profits and its revenue fell yet again. The company has already expressed its interest in re-focusing on emerging markets, and we think that could be a good approach moving forward. Here's what the firm's CEO, Peter Chou, had to say:

"We continue to focus on the most important element of our business: innovation," Chou noted. "Our teams are delivering beautifully designed phones, containing the newest technological advancements. Outstanding products, paired with improvements in our marketing execution and overall readiness give us reason to feel optimistic about the progress we will make in 2013."

The firm's revenues came in at about $2.03 billion, down from about $2.37 billion during the third quarter. Meanwhile, net profit fell from $3.9 billion New Taiwan dollars to $1 billion New Taiwan Dollars.

There's no doubt that HTC already creates top-notch phones, one need only look as far as the DROID DNA to see that, and we're expecting the company to lift the curtain on its new flagship, the M7, during its Feb. 19 press event in New York City.