HTC One M8 2014-VS-2013-Back

HTC on Friday said it won't quite hit its self-imposed 90-day Lollipop rollout. A few iterations of its One (M8) have received the splendid new version of Android, but HTC said setbacks have caused the company to push back the quick turnaround. The reason? Blame Google.

HTC said it has been hard at work to deliver a timely update, but because Google had to fix several issues with the earliest versions of Lollipop, it resulted in a delay.

"We've been diligently working to fix some of [the issues] on our end and incorporating Google's fixes as quickly as possible, but despite everyone's best efforts some carrier versions of the HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7) will not meet our 90 day goal, which is February 1st," HTC explained.

Oh boy. The good news is that HTC is taking the extra time to ensure that when updates do roll out, there will be very few issues. So it won't hit that fabled 90-day milestone, but by golly it'll be stable.

As of now, HTC is working through the testing process with carrier partners, which means we're getting close; good news will apparently be shared "soon." With Mobile World Congress on the horizon, hopefully that means news will drop around then. If you have an unlocked, developer or Google Play Edition of the M8, you're already up-to-date. Lucky you.

Other M8 and M7 owners will have to wait just a little bit longer.