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HTC's upcoming fall phone already has a possible name, Aero, but until now we didn't know much else about it. Now we're getting a few more details thanks to semi-retired leaker Evan Blass (AKA @evleaks).

The HTC Aero will have a different name when it launches, bringing it in line with the company's flagship series. However, Blass notes that this is an "intermediate device," suggesting it won't be a high-end handset. Maybe this is the One M9 Mini we thought wasn't happening? Or HTC could go in the opposite direction with a super-sized M9 phablet.

Either way it could be a while before we actually see the device unveiled. HTC apparently won't reveal the Aero until November, suggesting it won't compete directly with the new iPhone, Galaxy Note 5 and any other phones expected in September. It's also allegedly heading to Sprint along with "other places," which we assume means most networks will carry it.

We can look forward to rumors that the HTC One M9+ will expand beyond Asia this summer in the meantime. According to a recent leak, the powerhouse handset is set to hit Europe sometime in Q3 2015. Hopefully it won't be too long before the phone is available in America as well.