HTC Drew Bamford

I'm in love with Sense 4, it's the best Android overlay I've ever used and I prefer it to stock Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the One X and the One S. Of course, Android die-hards might feel differently about that, which is why HTC's AVP of Sense Drew Bamford discussed several reasons why HTC continues to build its own custom user interface. In an interview with LAPTOP, Bamford said Android 4.0 just isn't good enough.

Bamford admitted that earlier versions of Sense had gotten a bit too heavy, even for HTC's tastes. "What we were trying to do with Sense was thoughtfully reduce it to what we feel is its essence," Bamford said. " It had become a little bit overwrought – a little heavy. And that was a lot of the feedback we got from the market and reviewers like yourself. So we started by saying, 'What can we take out of Sense but still maintain its essential character?'" There were several features that Bamford still believed were valuable to Sense users though, features that aren't available in Android ICS. Customization is at the heart of the experience.

"We have things like our customizable lock screen that allow you to reach for the content you want immediately on the lock screen and get instant access to your favorite applications," he explained. "And even further you can choose different scenes for the whole HTC Sense experience to get a completely different visual look. So we feel we have the most customizable, most personal designs for an experience on a mobile phone.

Bamford also discussed how, with Sense 4, users can create folders and add multiple items to a folder in one swoop, instead of just one at a time. The full interview with LAPTOP covers the gamut from why HTC ditched the 3D carousel, why it created its own multitasking UI and why it continues to offer its own web browser and e-mail client.

[via LAPTOP]