HTC Vive pre-orders won't open up until later this month, but the VR headset's user manual is already available for your reading pleasure. The document mostly focuses on setup, revealing how much space you'll need to really experience what Vive has to offer.

Specifically, you'll need an open space of at least 5 x 6.5 feet. You also need to be pretty close to your computer, since the Vive headset cable only reaches about 16 feet. HTC also recommends moving any furniture out of the way and removing your pets from the room before you start. Otherwise you could end up tripping over an object while exploring virtual reality.

If you don't have enough space don't worry. You can still use the HTC Vive with a special "Standing only" mode. Just pick it using the StreamVR app on your computer and you can use the headset while sitting or standing still, though you'll miss out on a big part of the experience as a result.

HTC's biggest advantage over competitors like Oculus and PlayStation VR is the ability to get up and move around while wearing the Vive. The company even included a front-facing camera in the design so you can explore the real world while wearing the headset. Augmented reality games seem inevitable, but you'll need a big enough room to actually play them.