The HTC Vive, what’s being considered the most premium of the VR headsets releasing this year thanks to its price and capabilities, is set to launch on April 5, 2016. As the company nears that date, they’re apparently sending out pre-order processing emails to detail exactly what’s in the final retail box.

Polygon received one such email, and they shared what $799 bought them in the land of HTC VR. Here are the images included in the email.

Polygon also points towards a video done up by the folks at Bloomberg that actually has a bit of unboxing footage in it. You can check that out here.

The HTC Vive has Valve’s backing. It’s the only headset that stands as an official product built with Valve as its partner. That’s interesting, for sure, but it seems to me that the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR carry more clout in namesake alone. The Vive is definitely the higher spec’d device, but its price point is a full $200 more expensive than the Rift.

Which headset(s) do you expect to take off?