The HTC Vive is a truly amazing product. These fading eyes of mine peered right into the heart of the future of virtual reality during a demo earlier this year, and it’s an incredible experience. But there’s something even more jaw-dropping coming, according to recent comments made by HTC CEO Cher Wang.

Cher Wang, speaking during a forum in Beijing, said that the company will make a major announcement at CES following a “very, very big technological breakthrough” achieved by Valve and HTC within the past couple of weeks.

Engadget, which was present when Wang made her comments, said this is one reason that HTC actually decided to push the launch date of the Vive, much to the dismay of VR-hungry consumers.

We have no idea what this huge breakthrough is. Maybe it means something that can help cut the price, maybe it’ll make the experience even more real. Whatever it is, it sounds major, and we’ll hear more about it at CES in early January.