When HTC first unveiled its Vive VR headset back in February, it promised to release the device before the end of the year. It turns out the company may have spoken to soon. Following reports that the Vive could be delayed until 2016, HTC responded that it’s still planning a “limited” launch for later this year.

The news comes just ahead of PAX Prime in Seattle, where HTC is set to show off the latest Vive software. Those demos are apparently still happening, but actually buying the VR headset this year just got a lot trickier. Most people will likely have to wait until Q1 2016 to get their hands on the system.

HTC is developing the Vive through a partnership with gaming giant Valve. That means there should be plenty of games available for the headset once it actually hits the market. Third-party developers have also been able to get their hands on early units for a few months already, so a variety of apps should be available at launch.

Hopefully HTC doesn’t end up pushing the Vive launch back any further, though that’s always a possibility until the device is actually released. The only big remaining question is how much it will cost, and we have a feeling this high-tech headset won’t come cheap.