HTC’s Vive VR headset isn’t expected to launch until later this year, but the first units are already shipping to a select group of developers. Valve, which partnered with HTC on the new product, announced that it’s currently sending out an initial wave of Vive Developer Editions.

The first group of recipients includes a mix of triple A game developers, small indie outfits and even some major movie studios, suggesting the Vive will offer a wide range of content at launch. Valve also notes that additional units will ship throughout the summer. The Developer Edition includes the headset, a pair of Steam VR controllers, two Lighthouse base stations, and all the cables you need.

HTC hasn’t said exactly when it will release the Vive to consumers, beyond promising a launch before the end of the year. Rumor has it the headset could arrive as soon as November. The price is also a mystery, but we’re afraid to ask considering how much Oculus Rift will cost.