HTC on Monday announced big changes to its Vive virtual reality headsets.

The Vive Pro, which HTC recently announced at CES, will start at $799. It comes with an upgraded 2880 by 1600 resolution display, much sharper than the regular Vive's 2160 by 1200 resolution, along with custom headphones with meant to deliver a more immersive audio experience.

HTC's $799 pricing for the Vive Pro just includes the headset, not the tracking modules and controllers it requires to function. Preorders for the Vive Pro open today and shipments are set to arrive April 5.

As for the regular Vive, HTC is cutting its price to $499. That will make the VR headset much more competitive with other options such as the PlayStation VR and Oculus, both of which are making a big push into the affordable range.

HTC is also offering a complimentary six month subscription to Viveport to those who purchase a Vive headset by June 3.