The pre-orders for the HTC Vive, the most expensive VR headset bound for the market so far, opened yesterday. The hardware made by Valve and HTC moved quickly, even though it was priced at $800 per unit.

How quickly? In its first 10 minutes, according to HTC’s Shen Ye on Twitter, the Vive was pre-ordered more than 15,000 times.

You can still pre-order a headset on the site, and it says that “Pre-orders will start shipping May 2016.” If they “start” shipping in May 2016, I’m not sure when they’ll all be filled. HTC hasn’t commented on that yet.

At $800 a pop, HTC and Valve made $12 million in revenue in 10 minutes with the HTC Vive. That, my friends, is absolutely bonkers.