Way back in November 2017, HTC announced its first standalone VR headset with the HTC Vive Focus.

The Vive Focus was designed to be a powerful VR headset for consumers that they could use anywhere, but with a price of $600, it never really caught on.

Now at MWC 2019, HTC's unveiled the Vive Focus Plus. The headset itself is mostly the same, but it now comes with much more powerful and immersive controllers that should improve the experience quite a bit.

HTC's touting better graphics and a more comfortable headset.

While the original Vive Focus shipped with a single remote control that only allowed for three degrees of freedom movement, the Focus Plus comes with two controllers (one for each hand) that enable six degrees of freedom. In other words, you can move your hands up, down, left, right, forwards, and backward for considerably deeper immersion in your VR experiences. HTC's also promoting better graphics and a "more balanced, more comfortable" design for the headset.

Another big change is the demographic HTC's pushing the headset towards. Instead of trying to target regular consumers as it did with the Focus, the Focus Plus is designed for enterprise customers — such as doctors, engineers, etc.

HTC has confirmed that the HTC Vive Focus Plus will be launched at some point in Q2 2019, but for right now, there's no word as to how much it'll cost. Considering the original Focus retails for $600, don't expect this thing to be cheap.

HTC's Vive Focus VR headset is super cool, but you can't have one

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