One of the HTC Vive's coolest features is its front-facing camera, which lets you see a simplified version of the real world without ever taking your headset off. HTC did its best to keep the details of this feature, called Chaperone, under wraps, but a new YouTube video offers a first look at how it works.

The results are pretty amazing. The HTC Vive is essentially able to render an entire room in good detail. Everything is displayed in neon green and grey, giving the world a Tron-style look, but you can easily make out specific objects like cables on the floor or books on a shelf. Even more impressive, the camera is able to show tiny details up close so you can actually use your phone with the headset still on.

HTC still hasn't said exactly how developers will use the Vive's front-facing camera to create augmented reality games and experiences. Still, Chaperone mode is a pretty cool start, and shows that the technology is more than capable of bringing the real world into virtual reality.

HTC Vive pre-orders went live last month, and the company says it sold over 15,000 units in the first 10 minutes. The headset is set to start shipping in May.