HTC’s latest flagship, the U12 Plus, should be arriving on doorsteps in the United States this week. But notice we said “should be” rather than “is.” That’s because Amazon isn’t shipping the phone yet.

In a bizarre turn of events, the online retailer may have had the U12 Plus on backorder while everyone else thought it was up for pre-order. The result is a group of very annoyed customers.

The U12 Plus was announced in late May, and immediately after the phone went up for pre-order. Amazon was the sole partner to stand alongside HTC in selling it. Both listed June 21 as the release date, but only one of them has started shipping units.

Based on multiple reports from those affected, Amazon is telling customers the U12 Plus will be shipped on or around August 3.

If you placed a pre-order through HTC, you should be fine. HTC has sent out shipping notifications with some customers already getting their units. But Amazon’s customers are left in the dark with the U12 Plus listed as ‘out of stock’ now.

The best thing to do if you’re affected by HTC and Amazon’s mishap is to purchase the U12 Plus directly from its maker. Also, maybe reconsider getting the U12 Plus. Its early reviews aren’t great, and there are a number of flagships that get you a lot more for $799 and under.