HTC announced its latest flagship this week, and some are wondering why the company didn’t roll out two models.

The U12 Plus became official while the long-rumored U12 never made it out from behind the curtain. Whatever the reason, it’s unlikely the U12 will ever be released considering HTC needs to condense its lineup. The U12 Plus will stand on its own as the company tries standing out in a crowded field dominated by rivals.

There is, however, an explanation for why the U12 Plus didn’t drop “plus” from its name. Usually the term is used to indicate multiple models of the same phone are available, but HTC kept “plus” despite the flagship going solo. HTC says it made the decision after looking at the competition.

Based on its size, HTC’s flagship is very similar to the Pixel 2 XL and the Galaxy S9+. The flagships from Google and Samsung measure closely with the U12 Plus. Aside from that, the U12 Plus also has specifications comparable to those two flagships rather than their small-sized siblings. HTC wanted to make it clear that the U12 Plus is a top-tier flagship vying for your attention.

HTC could be bluffing, too. In the second half of the year, maybe the U12 will be released in select markets.

If you’re interested in the U12 Plus, HTC will ship its 2018 flagship in June. The U12 Plus, priced at $799, could be the savior the company has been hoping for.