Before it’s announced by HTC, the U12+ has leaked in full. The entire gallery above, which comes from HTC Taiwan News on Facebook, exposes the 2018 flagship from every angle.

Just about nothing is left to the imagination if this is indeed the U12+. Someone managed to get their hands on the upcoming high-end phone and snapped a whole bunch of pictures. The person shared what the U12+ looks from the front, back, top, bottom, and sides. And there’s certainly enough here to confirm information that’s surfaced in the past.

HTC is building a phone with cutting-edge design and specifications that should, at least on paper, rival what companies like Samsung and LG have to offer.

Check out a few close-ups of an alleged U12+ here:

The U12+ will ship with a dual-camera setup, and that’s nothing crazy because HTC’s done so before and the mobile industry has since embraced the technology. HTC will also put a dual-camera setup up front. The differences between them, however, is that the lenses will be of varying megapixels.

Around the back is where the fingerprint scanner is, too. The U12+ actually looks a lot like last year’s G6 from behind. Aside from sharing a similar layout for the dual-camera setup and fingerprint scanner, the shape and materials are familiar.

You’re also able to see the 18:9 aspect ratio for the display, a USB-C port, and power and volume buttons on the right side.

Following a previous delay from when a launch was set for late April, HTC is expected to announce the U12+ in early May. The U12+ should be priced similarly to other high-end phones that have gone official in recent months. With its mobile division struggling to increase revenue, HTC could release the U12+ at a price even lower than some of its top competitors.