The last few years have been incredibly tough for HTC despite a longtime presence in the mobile industry. HTC’s seen its recent flagships flop before selling a large piece of its phone-making business to Google for around $1 billion. And the Taiwanese company also laid off many employees back in February. Without question, its next flagship will decide its future.

Now we know when to expect the much-anticipated U12. HTC has announced that its 2018 flagship will debut on Wednesday, May 23.

The launch might be online-based with a live-stream available for consumers and the media to watch remotely. HTC’s pretty much stopped hosting public-facing events for media outlets to witness the debut of its latest product.

HTC is promoting the U12 by saying it’s “more than the sum of its specs.” While that may be true, we know tech-savvy individuals do look at the spec sheet more than anything else. Even if performance is blazing-fast on lesser components, everyone will still wonder why it’s behind on paper. The U12 needs to compete in every conceivable way.

We’re still not sure if it’ll be the U12, the U12+, or both going official later this month. While one trusted mobile industry insider says the U12+ will stand alone, the U12 showed up on Verizon’s website in April. So there’s some confusion surrounding what HTC will put on the market.

The announcement will come just one week after the OnePlus 6 is official, and the LG G7 goes up for pre-order around the same time. HTC will also have to combat the impending wave of Galaxy Note 9 rumors. As we get closer to the summer, all eyes shift to Samsung and Apple.