The plan for HTC to turn around its misfortunes is underway. Just weeks after laying off a significant number of employees, the company is preparing the launch of its next flagship. It won’t be a direct successor to the U11, though.

HTC is expected to skip the U12 and look to the U12+ as the mobile device bringing the brand back into relevancy.

Now it’s just a matter of when the phone will be made official. Originally, the U12+ was set to debut in late April. Multiple reports, however, dismissed that possibility. HTC is believed to have hit a minor delay, pushing the launch to early May. The cause for the delay hasn’t been clarified, but it could be that HTC decided to scrap the U12 and move all resources over to the U12+.

The first time we heard about a delay was through VentureBeat last month, and this week Focus Taiwan is reporting the same. Both media outlets say the U12+ will launch in early May. So it seems likely the phone will be announced in a few weeks.

Little is known about the U12+, but mobile industry insider Evan Blass said it’ll have high-end specifications rivaling what we’ve seen on the Samsung Galaxy S9. If there’s any chance of HTC making a comeback, its next flagship needs to cutting-edge in every area. HTC can’t afford to release another underwhelming product.

Because several companies have already introduced their latest flagships, HTC might see an opening to get some attention. But HTC can’t rely on good timing alone. The company needs a truly compelling product that represents an alternative to Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Apple iPhone X.