HTC, too, might just end up embracing the notch. The company appears to be launching a mid-range phone later this year that’s inspired by Apple’s iPhone X, which ushered in the era of the notch for everyone to follow. And it’s not like the information comes from an unknown media outlet with little-to-no credibility, so we have to assume this is really in the works.

Mobile industry insider Evan Blass says a notch is likely to be at the top of the display on the U12 Life.

This is the first time anyone has brought up the U12 Life, a successor the U11 Life that debuted near the end of 2017. HTC could roll out a new mid-range phone that stores cameras and sensors in a notch while further reducing the size of the bezel. Specifications would still be average, though.

No pictures are available yet; therefore, we can only imagine what the U12 Life could look like. But it’s safe to assume a display with 18:9 aspect ratio and now a notch are likely. Blass’ tweet regarding the phone simply reveals HTC is interested in the notch-obsessed world we live in.

An announcement could come within the next two months unless HTC follows last year’s strategy. If the company wants to replicate what it did with the U11 and U11 Life, the U12+ would launch in May and then the U12 Life in October. HTC’s lineup is a lot smaller now, meaning it has fewer phones to release in a twelve-month span. The U12+ and U12 Life being separated by as many as six months is certainly a possibility.

It’s also important that Blass didn’t say a notch for the U12 Life is definitely happening. He uses the word “apparently,” hinting that HTC either didn’t pull the trigger just yet or another source is needed to verify the info.

We’ll keep an eye on this one as HTC’s future basically hinges on its performance in 2018.