HTC’s 2018 flagship should launch soon. The U12+, based on a report published by Focus Taiwan a few weeks ago, should be announced in early May. However, the U12 just appeared on Verizon’s website. Who knows, maybe HTC does plan on keeping both models.

Being name-dropped by Verizon was no accident. The U12 isn’t showing up in an accidental product listing. Instead, the phone is on the Open Development portal where hardware manufacturers submit upcoming mobile devices. That’s where potential specifications for the U12 appeared, too.

The specs listed include a 6-inch Quad HD Super LCD 6 display with Corning Gorilla Glass, a 3500mAh battery, Category 12 LTE, and Android 8.0 Oreo with HTC Sense.

Before you go running off with this information being locked in, we should point out a few discrepancies. The U11 is pictured on Verizon’s website, not any new product. There are also awkward descriptions and spelling errors throughout the page.

The biggest confusion comes from information we heard in previous reports and leaks. HTC was working on the U12, but it has reportedly been scrapped and replaced by the U12+.

Either this is a mistake or HTC has changed its mind to sell the U12 and U12+ rather than killing one off.

Verizon, however, might not sell the U12 or U12+ despite receiving an application from HTC. The purpose of sending any mobile device through the Open Development portal is to receive certification. After successfully going through Verizon’s testing, HTC can sell the U12 or U12+ with full compatibility on the nation’s largest network.

There’s not a very good chance of HTC having its flagship on Verizon’s lineup anyway since, in recent years, the company’s gone the carrier-free route.