The HTC U Ultra is now shipping to customers who pre-ordered the smartphone when it first made its debut, Android Central said on Wednesday. The U Ultra is HTC’s latest flagship Android smartphone and features many high-end specs, including a small secondary display similar to what we’ve seen on the LG V10 and LG V20.

The HTC U Ultra isn’t available through any carriers, however, which means you’ll need to buy the phone unlocked and at full price ($749). That’s expensive, sure, but it’s par for the course for phones of this caliber. The 32GB Pixel XL, for example, clocks in at $769.

HTC U Ultra specs

As a refresher, the U Ultra features the same processor as that phone, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821, and offers a 16MP front-facing camera, a 12MP UltraPixel 2 camera on the back, a 5.7-inch Quad HD display, 64GB of storage and more. It doesn’t offer support for Google Daydream, in case that helps you make a purchasing decision.

HTC’s site says the U Ultra is shipping by March 10 for new orders, too, which means you don’t have a long wait if you’re looking to buy one today. Hit the source to grab yours now.