HTC One Google Play Edition-Beats

I remember many years ago working at a magazine where we would create lists of the best phones on the market. We would split them into categories, such as the best music phones, the best phones for business, the best camera phones and so on. These days, however, smartphones are so capable of performing each of those well enough that such lists aren't really needed. That's why I was surprised to see a tweet from @evleaks that suggests HTC is going to create a phone specifically focused on music.

The HTC One already had a huge focus on music. It had Beats Audio technology for improved audio, front-facing stereo speakers, an excellent Sense Music player that pulled in lyrics and more. HTC has since broken up its partnership with Beats, and we can't quite see where it will differentiate enough to create a real "music-centric" phone. Our best guess is a mid-range device may debut with some sort of music branding, similar to what Sony has done with Walkmen phones.

@evleaks hasn't led us astray before, so we're apt to believe what we see right now. How do you think HTC will execute on this plan?