Earlier this week HTC announced a new strategic partnership with Under Armour, and it said that later this year it plans to launch a series of devices with the company, many of which we imagine will have a focus on fitness — at least considering Under Armour's focus.

TechnoBuffalo had a chance to sit down with HTC following the announcement, and the firm confirmed that it's not just chasing fitness and that, actually, this year it plans to launch a whole range of connected products outside of phones and even wearables.

The company said specifically it will continue to focus on devices like the RE, or connected camera style products and other lifestyle devices, connected devices for the home and more. The goal isn't to leave the smartphone business behind, the company told us, rather, it wants to expand beyond its current offering of phones and to be "more bold" in its approach to the consumer electronics market.

It's a wise business move, at least according to the strategy explained to us. Take Under Armour, for example. That company can help HTC sell products in retail outlets it otherwise didn't have access to, perhaps Sports Authority or Dick's Sporting Goods, two areas where you'll currently find Under Armour but not HTC. It's a two-way street: HTC can give Under Armour access to its retail partnerships, too, such as Best Buy.

HTC didn't expand on actual products that it plans to sell just yet, we'll need to wait for later this year to learn more on that front. It did say, however, that it's not planning to create "me too" products, so don't expect to see it iterate on things that competitors already sell. Does that mean Android Wear is out? We don't know.