Before the One M9, HTC’s smartphones that shipped equipped with an IR blaster were preloaded with an HTC app called Sense TV. It was built on the popular Peel application, and now HTC is killing it off in favor of Peel. The company said users should move to Peel before April 30, when Sense TV will officially stop working.

HTC said it made the decision to stop offering support for Sense TV to free up its engineers to work on other products. “We want to make sure our engineering team is focused on what’s most impactful for you, which means working on software and features like the Camera app, BlinkFeed, and Zoe,” HTC said in a blog post. “Peel is faster, updated more frequently, and available across a wider range of locations. There’s no need for us to act as a middleman with Sense TV when the Peel Smart Remote is available on its own.”

Folks who haven’t moved to the Peel app by May 1 will see an error message that says “No data received,” so it’s best to just make the switch now.