When Verizon Announced its LTE network last month, they said that only LTE modems were available for the time being, but that phones capable of handling the 4G network would be coming in the future.  If some photos taken by a Verizon employee prove to be true, and there’s no reason to believe they won’t be, the phones are coming fairly soon.

AndroidCentral has gotten a hold of some pictures taken of a Verizon inventory screen that show two new phones with code names that suggest they are LTE phones.  The first is listed as “IQSCHI520W” which should be the Samsung SCH-i520 LTE, and the second listing is for “IQADR6400LVW” which looks to be the HTC Thunderbolt as the HTC Incredible was codenamed “ADR6300” according to Engadget.

There is no release dates mentioned for either of these handsets, but if this is truly them in the system, and Verizon having multiple events at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week in Las Vegas, odds seem pretty high that we’re close the company putting out its first LTE phones.  Considering the speeds that people are seeing with the modems, this should make for a very pleasant phone experience, but of course it will depend on the number of people on the network in your area.

As always you need to take spy shots with a grain of salt, but these do look fairly legit.  Phone carriers don’t typically add items to their inventory system unless their launch is drawing near, so if you’re in the hunt for a new phone on the Verizon network, we’d suggest you hold out for a little bit longer.

What say you?  Are you ready for LTE phones?

[via AndroidCentral]