In what is no doubt referring to the company’s leaked HTC One (M8 Eye), HTC teased a GIF of a familiar looking device on Twitter on Monday.

“Don’t adjust your screen,” the caption reads. “Just focus on the date,” which just so happens to be Oct. 8.

The GIF shows a scrambled HTC One (M8), complete with Duo camera and familiar aluminum stylings. Beyond that, the device doesn’t appear to differ all that much, though the changes in camera technology could prove to be huge. The device itself will supposedly feature the same specs as the M8, though it’ll see a jump up to 13-megapixels. HTC has tried distancing itself from the megapixel race in the past, but it sure sounds like the company is ready to get back in.

Judging from the language of the event invite and today’s Tweet, the company is planning a huge mobile photography push. For this to work, the HTC One (M8 Eye) will need to show a significant improvement over the original M8, which was only just released this year. We’ll know more about the device, along with an alleged action camera, later this week.